About Qilila

Vietnam Embroidery Company Limited (VINAEM) is a manufacturer and exporter of Personal Protective Equipment (made from fabric) & Home Textiles: the art of embroidered bedding set, embroidered table cloths, embroidered napkins, embroidered curtains, hand quilting silk blanket, and embroidered cushion ... all the products are sold in Vietnam and export to US, Europe, Japan markets. With professional teams, we provide our best-embroidered products with high quality, unique styles, premium materials, innovative techniques, and closeness to nature follow the EU standard. All of our products adapt export standard requirements to international markets and luxury home textiles domestic market. 

Our Services:

- Design and manufacture embroidered bedding sets, embroidered table cloths, embroidered napkins, embroidered curtains, hand quilting silk blanket, and embroidered cushion for restaurants, hotels, resorts, villas, offices, private houses, etc …

- Consulting design, execution, interior decorations.

- Distributor of automation system motor for curtains. 

Exclusive importer and distributor of furniture fabric lines from Europe. Besides traditional Vietnamese materials as silk, raw silk, raw cotton, VINAEM constant import more materials and tools from Europe in order to satisfy the rigorous requirements of the most discerning customers. In nearly 10 years, we have supplied many high-quality products for consumers as well as hotels, construction in Vietnam, and abroad. Moreover, the company has partners in Europe entrusted exclusively to distribute a line of interior fabrics, especially from Europe.

As the reputation of quality is crucial for VINAEM, our products are produced elaborately and high quality and you can be confident when you choose our company to take care of your construction and your house.


Qilila - Vietnam Embroidery Company is a pioneer in the application of traditional embroidery arts to interior decoration products such as curtains, bedding, and tablecloths in the Vietnamese market.


At Qilila, customers will be consulted on the design and interior decoration of family-friendly products according to world trends.


Qilila produces and exports embroidery products for big brands, the most demanding markets such as Japan, EU, America, ...


Qilila products are made up of lots of materials with diverse and delicate motifs, thereby creating a unique for each product.